1. Teams will be predetermined by the tournament committee.  Teams will be posted on the RIR website a minimum of 3 days prior to the tournament. Athletes will be allowed to request 1 person that they will be guaranteed to be on a team with.  Athletes may request to play with more than 1 person however the tournament committee cannot guarantee you will be together as fair and equal strength teams are important for the success of the tournament.


    2. The Official Rules of Ringette Canada will apply:

    3. Teams must be ready to compete 5 minutes prior to game start time.


    4. Each team is guaranteed 4 games


    5. Two points for a win, one point for a tie, no points for a loss


    6. At the completion of round robin play, teams will be ranked according to the total points in all games played and placed into 1st vs 2nd, third vs 4th, 5th vs 6th and 7th vs 8th for the Sunday finals.

      If teams are tied after the round robin

    7. The winner of more games between each other (head to head) during the round robin will be declared the highest position.
    8. It will go to the greatest positive difference between goals for and against between the   teams that are tied. For the purposes of the tie breaking procedure, no more than a seven (7) goal difference will be recognized.


    9. If there is still a tie after that the team with the lowest goals against.
    10. If it is still tied after that it will go to a coin toss.
    11. No game protests will be accepted. The decisions of the referee and the Tournament Committee shall be final.


    12. This focus of this tournament is fun. There is no tolerance for abuse of referees or tournament committee. Any offenders will be asked to leave and not invited back to play.


    13. Penalties will be assessed and handed out by the referees on the ice.


    14. Games will start by 9am Saturday and will end no later than 11:45 am on Sunday.


    15. Games will start with a two minute warm up and 2 minute rest in between periods.  Two 18 min stop time periods will be played. The clock will drop to 2 minutes once there is only 5 minutes left in an ice time.  This is at the referees discretion.


    16. Rings will be provided on each teams bench. Please leave them on the bench after your game.


    17. Home and Visitors are designated in the draw. For final games, the Home team will be the higher ranked team in round robin play or if tied assigned by the tournament committee.


    18. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change/alter/adjust the tournament schedule.


    19. Shot clocks will not be used for this tournament


    20. Each team is entitled to:


    21. ONE 30-second timeout per regulation game.


    22. ONE additional 30-second timeout in overtime.